In the coming years, near and deep space exploration shall become a vital industry, not just because of inquisitive & scientific nature of mankind, but also to fulfill its growing needs for resources, energy and to eventually attain multi-planetary status. Newer levels of engineering and technological innovation are required to build up space infrastructure for uninhibited space exploration. We are here to build engineering solutions to develop space infrastructure.



As part of first building block of space infrastructure, we are tackling the problem of high speed communication in space. Currently, most space systems rely on radio & microwave networks for interplanetary, inter-satellite and space-to-ground communication. However, these are plagued with the issues of low bandwidth, high spectrum licensing costs, low data rates. Optical communication, which has been in the making for the last two decades, can solve these problems and some more. It provides highly secure communication link at high data rates at a lower mass, form factor and power as compared to RF systems. We are here to build to optical communication systems.


We intend to build entire chain of optical communication system. The vertical includes compact optical communication terminals, ground receiver stations, space relay systems, related software systems for data retrieval. Communication terminals can be used as part of inter-satellite links as part of intra-constellation communication, satellite-to-ground communication, communication between high altitude platforms (HAPs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), terrestrial line-of-sight communication links.